The Dollar Cost To Keep Us Below 2 Degrees

Much has been written, although not all that well publicized, about the total cost to convert the planet to 100% renewable energy - $100 Trillion, in case you were wondering - and those of us who have been well acquainted with the "2 Degree" target that we have to globally hit to prevent the very worst of the effects of climate change, however one number that I have had trouble finding explicitly … [Read more...]

Dry Weather Hits Tar Sands Oil Extraction

Tar sands oil extraction has been hailed by some as the never ending supply of energy that will power the planets future... not so much. We all know its a bunch of bull. No matter how you dress it up, oil is a fossil fuel and burning it is dirty. But I'm not here to get on my soap box today. An article on Think Progress yesterday was interesting in for two reasons: First, dry weather is having … [Read more...]

Hillary Finally Addresses Climate Change

Our democratic hopeful, Hillary Clinton has taken the much needed step to address her stance on Climate Change. I am re-posting what has been reported by Trip Gabriel and Coral Davenport at The New York Times, yesterday: "Setting ambitious goals for producing energy from the sun, wind and other renewable sources, Hillary Rodham Clinton seized on an issue Monday that increasingly resonates with … [Read more...]

McDonalds As A Catalyst For Better Nutrition

McDonalds As A Catalyst For Better Nutrition

Browsing through CNN on my computer early this morning while having my coffee, I came across the latest on McDonald’s corporate woe’s in the article “Not loving it: McDonald's franchisees are depressed”. You would be hard pressed to find anyone who isn’t familiar with the desperate struggle McDonalds is having with trying to reinvent itself. Reading the article gave me pause to think that the … [Read more...]

We Don’t Need Oil, But We Do Need Water

We Don't Need Oil But We Do Need Water

Hopefully we are all aware of the crippling drought on the West Coast, and indeed most of the United States. As of April 2015, California had about one year left of water in its reservoirs. While there have been mandatory restrictions placed on water usage and farmers are required to provide a conservation management plan, these actions can be seen as only a band aid while we collectively look for … [Read more...]

Create A GSE For Renewable Energy Finance

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Simply making the statement that we have to commitment to 100% renewable energy in 20 years is not enough, we also need to create the mechanisms and institutions that will nurture and develop the industry into a sustainable business. As previously mentioned, if the cost of converting the country to 100% renewables is more or less on par with what we already spend on our energy consumption then, … [Read more...]

Nikki Noya Stretching With The Savvy Stews

Nikki Noya CNN Savvy Stews

Nikki got a phone call a few days ago from a friend who was at the airport in New York excitedly telling her in an apparently somewhat incredulous tone, that she had been waiting to check in, looked up and saw Nikki across the TVs at JFK. Sure enough it was the health and wellness travel spot that Nikki had shot with The Savvy Stews for CNN. Nikki and I have been good friends with Gailen and Bobby … [Read more...]

Commit The US To 100% Renewables in 20 Years

As the primary campaigns get rolling across the States and all of our presidential hopefuls get on the campaign trail I am curious who if any will take any type of a stand to commit the US to 100% renewable energy in the next 20 years. Aliquam purus ex, condimentum dictum odio id, bibendum porttitor augue. Sed ac imperdiet neque. Praesent vel molestie sem. Sed ipsum turpis, eleifend id ligula in, … [Read more...]

MLP Parity For Renewable Energy Finance

Master Limited Partnerships, or MLPs, are an investment vehicle / structure that provide all of the tax benefits of a partnership with the fundraising ability of corporations. MLPs are widely used, well known and have been very effective is the oil and gas industry. Their structure also lends themselves perfectly for the development of renewable energy resources. It was back in December of 2013 … [Read more...]

Billion Dollar Club Fuzzy Tech Math

Bloomberg gives the rundown on how tech companies get their billion dollar valuation payday. Worth a read, for all of the aspiring new economy wanna-be-billionaires to be. "Snapchat, the photo-messaging app raising cash at a $15 billion valuation, probably isn't actually worth more than Clorox or Campbell Soup. So where did investors come up with that enormous headline number?" "Here's the … [Read more...]